Discontinued Products
The following products and their respective variants have been discontinued due to a combination of low demand and difficulty in manufacturing.

Single SKUs:
  • Astrodymium 126mm Flat Field Panel (V4.2)
  • Astrodymium 2.5" Riser Blocks for Large Refractors
  • Astrodymium Orion Sirius/HEQ5 Low Profile Polar Scope Cover

Fine Adjustment Spacer Rings:

  • M56
  • M57
  • M63
  • M82 (APM Riccardi)
  • Takahashi (M43, M52, M72, M92)
  • 2.7" (Astro-Physics)

Rotating Tilt Adjusters:

  • M68

Threaded Dust Caps & Plugs for Astronomy Accessories:

  • M68x1 Male
  • M68x1 Female
  • M63x1 Male
  • M63x1 Female
  • M54x1 Male
  • M54x1 Female
  • M28.5x0.6 (1.25") Male
  • M28.5x0.6 (1.25") Female

Upgraded Azimuth Bolts:

  • M10
  • M6x65

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