Astrodymium Tilt Adjusters - Major Update (Revision 3)

Due to the nature of additive manufacturing, most Astrodymium products are constantly being tweaked and improved. These posts serve as a place to record any changes that occur.


This is a major update that resulted in changed dimensions. The goal of this revision was to increase rigidity, durability, yield rate, and overall part quality. 

A textured surface is now used to produce all tilt adjusters. This makes the bottom more visually appealing while also providing more grip for the user.

The length of the tab was reduced in length by 4mm to lower the chance of it hitting any obstructions on imaging trains. This will benefit RASA users in particular.

Instead of having corresponding numbers to denote the amount of adjustment, lines are now used instead. This change makes the top surface have a more consistent finish.

Technical details on changes (Revision 3):

  • A bug was found in an older version of the slicing software that made circles not render properly. This issue caused smooth surfaces to appear polygonal in nature (lower quality). Changing a setting fixes this issue. 
  • Backfocus was increased from 0.30mm to 0.40mm for extra rigidity. 
  • The first and second layers use rectilinear concentric infill respectively. This combination of tool paths makes it so the tilt adjuster cannot split in half, and increases yield rate by eliminating any gaps that may form.
  • Perimeter width of the shim section was tuned to remove any need for gap fill. This makes the surface more smooth and increases dimensional accuracy. 

All tilt adjusters will ship with a resealable bag for easy storage when not in use. 

Product update

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