Astrodymium Tilt Adjusters - Major Update (Revision 2)

Due to the nature of additive manufacturing, most Astrodymium products are constantly being tweaked and improved. The point of these posts is to serve as a place to record any changes that occur.


Recently I received a report from a customer that their tilt adjuster broke (snapped) during normal use. The plastic used (PETG) is not supposed to fail in this manner, and should only plastically deform instead.

Upon investigation I discovered the cause. This was due to the use of a bad batch of material that was particularly brittle in nature. 

To prevent this from happening in the future, all adjusters will be made with plastic from a different vendor that is higher in quality. Extensive testing has shown that the R2 version of the tilt adjusters are incredibly durable, and do not fail even when bent several times at room temperature.

Defective units will cleanly snap when bent only 90 degrees (top). The latest version of the tilt adjusters (bottom) do not, even when repeatedly bent 180 degrees back and forth.

In this update I also increased the thickness of the thin section of the ring to be 0.30mm thick (up from 0.20mm). This results in a more rigid surface that is easier to work with during use.

This also means that the tilt adjuster consumes more backfocus, but the tradeoff is worth it due to the increased toughness of the product.

Summary of changes made in Revision 2:

  • Material used is now Polymaker's Polylite PETG
  • Backfocus was increased to 0.30mm, up from 0.20mm
  • Other minor changes were made in the manufacturing process to increase durability and yield rate

Most Astrodymium products will now ship with a technical data sheet, to help diagnose any problems if they occur. 

Please contact me if your tilt adjuster breaks. This should not happen under normal use.


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Hi Bill,

I’m posting new gear on Astrogear today. Let me know if you’d like to post anything new there.
I recently purchased one of our m54 tilting rings (vancouver).



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