Astrodymium Risers - Minor Update (Revision 4.1)

Due to the nature of additive manufacturing, most Astrodymium products are constantly being tweaked and improved. The point of these posts is to serve as a place to record any changes that occur.


This is a minor update that does not change any dimensions. The goal of this revision was to improve overall part quality (surface finish & dimensional accuracy), and to reduce post processing time after manufacturing.

Technical details on changes (Revision 4.1):

  • Fan speed was reduced from 30% to 0% for slightly better layer adhesion. This change also eliminates warping, resulting in higher dimensional accuracy and better part quality.
  • Supports built into the CAD model were implemented to significantly improve bridging performance on the through-holes, and reduce part cleanup time.
  • SuperSlicer is now used for slicing models, which allows for a single perimeter on the top layer, and a higher flow rate (much nicer finish).
  • Higher quality filament is now used, and as a result stringing has been completely eliminated.

Product update

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