Astrodymium Ring System with QHY Q-Focuser Mount for Rokinon / Samyang 135mm F/2 Lens (V5.9)

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Riser Block Add-on: No
Mounting Point Add-on: No
QHY Q-Focuser Mount: Yes
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The Astrodymium Ring System is an all in one mounting & autofocusing solution to using the Rokinon / Samyang 135mm F2 lens for astrophotography.

The ring system allows a QHY Q-Focuser, and any guidescope to be easily attached to the 135mm lens, making it a versatile tool for capturing stunning astrophotography images. 

Experience Hassle-Free Imaging With Autofocus

With a QHY Q-Focuser: it becomes possible to remotely control the focus on the 135mm lens - allowing you to fully automate your imaging sessions. No more worrying about focus shift due to temperature changes or filter offsets!

Quick and Convenient to Install and Remove

The included rings (lens collar) securely hold the lens, and use a hinged design, making it possible to remove/install the lens without needing to remove your camera first. No tools are needed to loosen or tighten the rings down onto the lens.

Attaching a Guidescope is Easy

Simply slide the guidescope into the included top rail, and secure it with the two thumbscrews. This rail also works with other accessories that have a vixen style dovetail! (such as an ASIAIR).

Mount All Your Astro Accessories

On the sides of the rings are mounting points for easy attachment of extra accessories, such as an ASIAIR Pro/Plus/PPB Micro, with the optional mounting plate add-on. Alternatively, you can purchase another rail and attach any astro accessory that has a vixen style dovetail instead.

All parts for the Ring System are made in Canada, and 3D printed out of durable PETG plastic that can handle temperatures of up to 80C (176F), and down to -25C (-13F). Each threaded point uses stainless steel threads for a strong and corrosion resistant connection.

Screws for connecting the rings to a dovetail bar are included.

What's included by default with all configurations:

  • 1x Set of rings (front + rear) and guidescope rail
  • 2x M3x12mm stainless steel thumbscrews
  • 2x M5x12mm button head screws
  • 2x M6x16mm socket head screws (You will receive longer screws if you purchase the riser block add-on)
  • Allen hex keys
  • QHY Q-Focuser Mount for Astrodymium Ring System:
    - Fasteners
    - Printed Parts for Q-Focuser
    - 1x Timing belt
    - 1x Metal pulley
    - Instructions are provided inside the box as an online manual

Visit the product pages for each add-on to learn more information about them:

Name: SKU:
Vixen & Arca-Swiss Style Dovetail Bar RS-DBAR
Riser Block Kit RS-RISER
Flat Mounting Plate for ZWO ASIAIR Pro & PPB Micro RS-FMP
Accessory Rail RS-AR

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