Astrodymium 126mm Flat Field Panel (V4.2 - Discontinued)

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This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.

The Astrodymium 126mm Flat Field Panel uses a thin electroluminescent panel as a light source for producing flats. Multiple layers of frosted material applied over the EL panel diffuse the output, creating a uniform source of illumination. The end result of this is the creation of high quality flat field frames, perfect for use when doing astrophotography.

Several months of designing, prototyping, and feedback from prior revisions have resulted in the fourth version of this flat field panel. 

Included in this update (V4.0 to V4.2) are several major improvements:

  1. A completely new design has been introduced. This minimizes the amount of material and saves on weight (over 30%), while still retaining the same rigidity and offering better build quality.
  2. The illuminated diameter has been increased from 115mm to 126mm for more compatibility with larger sized optics. 
  3. A combination of two new materials are used for diffusing the light, which results in less flicker, due to one them having a lower opacity. One of the new materials used also has significantly better diffusion properties.
  4. An easy way to add more diffusing material (usually paper) has been implemented. This allows users to achieve a good exposure length, no matter how fast their setup is, because they can adjust the amount of light the panel lets through.


The power input for this panel uses a 2.1x5.5mm barrel plug connector, and requires a 12V DC source. No power supply is included.


  • 126mm refers to the clear diameter of the light source. See the technical diagram for more details.
  • The inverter inside the enclosure of the panel produces a quiet buzzing sound during operation.

The enclosure for this product is made out of UV resistant PETG plastic, and can handle up to 70C (158F) temperatures for this use case without deformation.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Greg M

Works perfectly! Very nice build quality. Feels nice and solid. Very happy with it. Thanks Bill!


Great flat field panel.

I purchased the 4.1 version of this flat field panel. It is high quality and really well made, sturdy, and most importantly it works like a charm. This particular units fits perfectly on my scopes. I highly recommend it. Thank you Bill for making this available.

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