Questions about the Astrodymium Ring System

No, sorry.

It takes significant time to design, prototype, validate, and manufacture a ring system for a new scope/lens (at minimum dozens of hours).
It also would require me to have a copy of the lens on hand to make sure everything works as intended.

The reasons above make it not possible for custom ring systems to be made.

No, the ring system will only work with the Rokinon/Samyang 135mm F/2 lens.

The 135mm F/2 has different diameters across the body of the lens, which is accounted for in the design of the product. The length of the guidescope/top rail is also specifically made to work with the dimensions of the 135 lens.

It is very unlikely that there are other camera lenses on the market that have the same dimensions as the Samyang/Rokinon 135mm F/2 lens.

There are no plans to expand the ring system to other lenses.

Unfortunately, there are no plans to adapt the design to work with other lenses.

Many lenses do not work with the ring system idea, due to geometry reasons (focusing changes the length, shape is not optimal for the rings, etc).

Any dovetail bar that is flat on top, and has slots for the holes will work with the ring system.

M6 screws for connecting the rings to a dovetail bar are included with all configurations.


- Astrodymium Vixen & Arca-Swiss Dovetail Bar for Ring System
- William Optics DSD 210 Plate
- Astro Essentials Short (18cm) Dovetail
- Askar Vixen-Style Universal Dovetail Plate

No. The ZWO EAF (12/5v) is the only compatible autofocuser that will work with the ring system.

The EAF adapter will also not work with other mounting systems (like the RedCat 51 ring). You must purchase the entire ring system to get autofocus.

It is also not possible to make the EAF adapter add-on work by itself with other lenses.

The EAF adapter does not work by itself, and is not a standalone product. It is only designed to be used with the ring system.

It is not possible to modify it to work for other lenses.

Questions about shipping

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Unfortunately I cannot undervalue the cost of orders.

Please note that UPS will charge a brokerage fee of $10-$15 if they have to collect tax (there is no extra charge if your country does not collect tax on imports such as the U.S).

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