Astrodymium 2.5" Riser Blocks for Refractor Telescopes

AstrodymiumSKU: 2.5-RISER-METRIC

Included screws: Metric (M6x75mm)
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These risers lift your entire telescope 2.5" (64.80mm) above the dovetail bar, which as a result allows for the full rotation of the focuser, and the ability to balance the scope properly. 

Risers also prevent off axis guiders & filter wheels from pressing against the ground when the scope is not being used. 

! Thicker dovetail bars will require longer screws (see diagram). 


  • Intended for use on refractors with an aperture of 85mm or smaller.
  • Rated for use down to -25C (-13F) and up to 80C (176F) temperatures


Compatibility is based on the type of thread your tube rings use. The majority of refractor rings use an M6 thread, but some brands such as Stellarvue and Sky-Watcher use a 1/4-20" imperial thread.

  • Select the relevant screw type for your refractor.
  • If you are unsure what screws you need, both types can be purchased (2.5-RISER-BOTH)


Want to buy your own screws? Choose the "none" option.

  • You will need to purchase screws that are either 75 or 80mm long (or the equivalent in imperial).
  • If you have a thicker dovetail, like the William Optics DSD then you will need an 80mm length screw.


What's included:

  • Two 2.5" (64.80mm) tall riser blocks made out of PETG thermoplastic material.
  • Two M6-1.0x75mm or 1/4-20x3" screws.
  • If the "both" option is selected, then you will get four screws in total (metric & imperial).


Pictured telescope is not included.

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