Astrodymium Ring System for Rokinon / Samyang 135mm F2 Lens: Guidescope, ZWO ASIAIR, & EAF Mount (V6.0)

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Riser Block Add-on: No
Extra Mounting Option: No
ZWO EAF Mount: No
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The Astrodymium Ring System is an all in one mounting & autofocusing solution to using the Rokinon/Samyang 135mm F2 lens for astrophotography.

The ring system allows a ZWO ASIAIR, EAF, and any guidescope to be easily attached to the 135mm lens, making it a versatile tool for capturing stunning astrophotography images. 

Stop Wasting Clear Nights, and Get Hassle-Free Imaging With Autofocus Instead

Imagine pressing one button at the start of the night, and waking up to flawless sub-exposures. Yes, this could be you. No more manually focusing in the dark, and no more ruined nights caused by bad focus! Powered by a ZWO EAF, and a reliable backlash-free belt drive.

Mount an ASIAIR + Guidescope (and other astro accessories)

Get longer exposures, and throw away less images with the power of autoguiding! Easily attach a guidescope, and accessories to your Rokinon lens, like an ASIAIR Plus/Mini (with the optional mounting plate add-on). Alternatively, you can purchase another rail and attach any astro accessory that has a vixen style dovetail instead.

Rotate Your Entire Setup in Seconds, No Tools Required!

You can have your cake and eat it too. The unique design of the focus ring easily allows you to disconnect the belt and reconnect it in mere seconds. You won't be locked in a single position anymore.

Used by Over 1500 Astrophotographers in 35+ Countries

"⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I had my doubt when it comes to 3D printed parts. Happy to say I was very impressed by the design and quality of this ring system. All parts are precisely made and fit together perfectly. Almost all screw sockets are metal and very secure. It also has one of the best written instruction manuals to put everything together." - JUN

There's a reason why Astrodymium is trusted by astrophotographers around the world. All parts for the Ring System are made in Canada, and use high quality stainless steel / aluminum parts where possible.

Quick and Convenient to Install and Remove

Two rings securely hold your lens, and have an innovative design that keeps the thumbscrews in place so they don't fall out.

All parts for the Ring System are made in Canada, and 3D printed out of durable PETG plastic that can handle temperatures of up to 80C (176F), and down to -25C (-13F). Each threaded point uses stainless steel threads for a strong and corrosion resistant connection.

Screws for connecting the rings to a dovetail bar are included.

Astrodymium Ring System is compatible with:

  • Rokinon 135mm F/2 
  • Samyang 135mm F/2
  • Walimex 135mm F/2
  • All CINE versions of the above lenses (you need a special part to use the cine versions, please contact me after you order to receive this)

What's included by default with all configurations:

  • Set of OTA rings (front + rear) and guidescope rail
  • 2x M3x12mm stainless steel thumbscrews
  • 2x M5x12mm button head screws
  • 2x M6x16mm socket head screws (You will receive longer screws if you purchase the riser block add-on)
  • Allen hex keys

Visit the product pages for each add-on to learn more information about them:

Name: SKU:
Vixen & Arca-Swiss Style Dovetail Bar RS-DBAR
Riser Block Kit RS-RISER
Flat Mounting Plate for ZWO ASIAIR Pro & PPB Micro RS-FMP
Accessory Rail RS-AR
ZWO EAF Adapter / Mount / Bracket RS-EAF-STANDALONE

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Mehmet Turker
Perfect Solution

A complete and quality solution. Fits perfectly. I got the 145mm Vixen dovetail additionally.

Jackie Oakley
Satisfied first time buyer!

Ordering was simple, checkout and order confirmation seamless. Shipping was also as promised. Great service, great parts quality. Will absolutely recommend!!


Perfect construction. Precise and fits together extremely easily


Excellent product, superb 3D printed item, perfectly designed for the Samsung/Rokinon 135mm f/2 lens. Couple that with peerless customer service and shipping. Thanks Astrodymium!

Indispensible. Glad I bought it!

Purchased directly from site: SKU: RS-135-EAF.S, riser blocks and plate for ASIAIR.

I had some concerns as I live in Europe about the value for money and quality especially as I would need to pay significant import fees let alone shipping costs if I needed to return it.
I had a pleasant surprise when it arrived. It was packaged very well and was a doddle to assemble with some nice convenience touches. I leave this fully assembled with all cables in a bag for a truly grab and go wide-field rig on a Star Adventurer tracker.

It's nice to see this on sale at other vendors, including FLO. Great value for money and highly recommended!

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