Variety Set of Fine Adjustment Spacer Rings for M42-T2/M48/M54 Threads

AstrodymiumSKU: VAR-SR

Size: Variety
Sale price$12.99


Variety pack! Comes with 12 pieces in total - 4 for each thread size: M42/T2, M48 and M54.

These rings slip over the thread of an adapter/extension tube and are primarily used for fine tuning backfocus for astrophotography, but they can be used for other purposes as well.

Thickness of all included spacer rings is 0.4mm.


The width of the rings is 3.95 mm, and the inner diameter is 0.5mm larger than the specified size, for good clearance on the threads (They will not get stuck and are easy to insert or remove). 


Made out of UV resistant PETG plastic that can handle up to 80C (176F) temperatures without deformation.

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